CNN Desperate for Ratings? Brian Stelter filmed himself without pants during CNN appearance

Fox News:

Brian Stelter mocked for filming himself without pants during CNN appearance. ‘Reliable Sources’ host’s candid clip called ‘absolutely horrifying’ by one Twitter user.

CNN’s left-wing media guru Brian Stelter raised eyebrows this weekend by filming himself without pants in an attempt to prove that hosting a TV show from home “humanizes the news.”

On Sunday’s installment of “Reliable Sources,” Stelter set aside no time to address the growing controversy over star CNN anchor Chris Cuomo being barred from covering the scandals plaguing his brother, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, following their chummy, journalistically unethical interviews. 

Stelter did, however, have time for a light-hearted segment about the “ups and downs” of TV personalities working from in-home studios during the coronavirus pandemic as the anniversary of local stay-at-home orders going into effect approaches.

In the segment, Stelter insisted that “embarrassing moments are humanizing moments,” highlighting a viral clip from last April of ABC News correspondent Will Reeve appearing on “Good Morning America” without pants. Stelter quipped Reeves was perhaps “too revealing.”

Stelter, who is often referred to as the media’s “hall monitor” and staunchly defends corporate colleagues while downplaying various media controversies, then said he could “relate” to Reeve before showing a clip of himself pantsless during a CNN appearance, which Stelter said took place on the night then-President Trump was banned from Twitter in January.

“This was me live on CNN with just two minutes notice talking to Wolf Blitzer about Trump’s Twitter account being banned,” Stelter told viewers in an attempt to explain his bare thighs and calves. 

The video clip of the barely-dressed Stelter led to questioning and mockery on social media.

“‘No time for pants, must bash Trump,'” PJ Media writer Jim Treacher mocked the CNN host.

“This is absolutely horrifying,” Sinclair Broadcasting producer Ellie Bufkin reacted. 

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