CNBC’s Jim Cramer Urged Viewers to Buy Shares of Silicon Valley Bank Last Month

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Jim Cramer, CNBC analyst and host of Mad Money, recommended that his viewers buy shares of Silicon Valley Bank’s parent company last month, before the bank collapsed on Friday.

“The ninth-best performer to date has been SVB Financial. Don’t yawn,” Cramer told viewers during a February 8 episode of Mad Money about Silicon Valley Bank’s parent company.

Cramer, touting that the bank was “less dependent upon private equity and venture capital offerings,” listed it in ninth place among his “biggest winners of 2023 … so far,” along with other stocks such as Meta, Tesla, Warner Bros., Norwegian Cruise Line, and NVIDIA.

“This company is a merchant bank with a deposit base that Wall Street has mistakenly been concerned by,” Cramer said on-air.

The CNBC host noted that the stock was the “fourth-worst performer of 2022,” but it was worth buying because “the stock is so cheap” and “being a banker to these immense pools of capital has always been a very good business.”

“The ten biggest winners of the year so far… consider me intrigued, but only if we have a couple more down days like today that give you a better buying opportunity,” he added. “These stocks have all been overbought — one that I’m sure the bears are going to create when they go on TV tomorrow and tell you it’s the end of the world.”