CloutHub! Another new social media company; posts Lara Trump DJT interview that Facebook/Instagram took down

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Clouthub is wooing the former president to start his own channel after Lara Trump joins.

When Facebook and Instagram threatened to impose “additional limitations” on Lara Trump for posting her interview with her father-in-law, the former president, she didn’t back down. 

The Fox News contributor and former producer for Inside Edition jumped ship for an alternative platform that only left beta testing in November.

Lara Trump’s podcast “The Right View” debuted on Clouthub soon after Facebook and Instagram removed her Donald Trump interview, Clouthub CEO Jeff Brain told Just the News.

He said he received a message that Lara Trump was interested in joining the comprehensive social media platform, spoke to “her person” and created her channel in one day. 

Clouthub combines elements of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, and portrays its mission as “Social, Civic and Political Networking.” It announced a slate of “brand ambassadors” including Just the News founder John Solomon in December.

The platform distinguishes itself from Big Tech competitors by promising not to “data-mine, track, or sell user data … suppress your reach or manipulate what you get to see.”

Clouthub didn’t previously seek to woo Lara Trump, but “we fully intend to have Donald Trump on our platform,” with its partners reaching out to the former president, Brain said. “He is a populist president and our platform is a populist platform.”

Eric Trump, Lara’s husband and executive vice president of the Trump Organization, shared an email from Facebook Tuesday night warning that any content “in the voice of Trump” would be removed from its platforms, including Instagram.

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