Climate Fighters: Taliban Wants U.N. Funds to Protect ‘Fragile Environment’


The Taliban hears the U.N.’s call for “global climate action” now being aired at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, with the terrorist organization offering to tackle Afghanistan’s “fragile environment” alongside foreign agencies and, just as importantly, their funding. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen (pictured) lamented “tremendous work” was needed to help Afghanistan become greener and finance for environmental projects which had been approved for U.N. funding under the former Afghan government must “fully resume work.” He stressed the extremist group – which once targeted visiting contractors – was “committed” to ensuring the safety of all foreign workers and there was nothing for the international community to worry about. The work of international agencies has previously been disrupted in the war-torn country by Taliban kidnappings, torture, mass murder and random bomb attacks meaning welfare donors remain reluctant to work with the Islamist insurgents. Shaheen stressed, however, the Taliban has put that behind it and would be be able to ensure the security of teams working on projects as well as the safe and proper transfer of millions in funding from the U.N. and its many agencies.

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