New York ‘Climate Clock’ highlights decades of premature prophecies of global warming doomsday

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The 10-year window to halt global warming has been repeatedly extended.

In honor of “Climate Week,” New York City is playing host to a massive”Climate Clock” purporting to count down the years, days and minutes until the world reaches a climate catastrophe point-of-no-return.

 The oversized digital display, on view through Sept. 27, underscores a long history of climate doomsayers prematurely warning that a global climate tipping point is just a few short years away. 

The digital clockface itself has been a fixture of New York City’s Union Square for over 20 years. A landmark that has confused many tourists to the city, the clock’s display normally denotes, in one long, unbroken string of digits, the current time of day (in military time) as well as the remaining number of hours and minutes left in the day itself. 

Over the weekend, the clock instead began a straightforward countdown, one ticking off seven years and several dozen days, after which — according to the project’s creators, artists Gan Golan and Andrew Boyd — the Earth will have used up its “carbon budget” and will careen toward irreversible climate catastrophe.

The artists said the countdown was based on the calculations put forth by the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, one that purports to measure the amount of time humanity has to reduce its carbon output to stay below a 1.5° Celsius warming threshold. The clock “shows how little time is left for political decision-makers to  take action,” the MRI says on its website.

Several decades of constantly shifting climate countdowns

The “Climate Clock” generated headlines across the world for its novelty and striking presentation of what activists claim is a final deadline before global temperatures reach a point from which there is no turning back.

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