‘Climate Czar’ Kerry: The world has nine years to avoid climate catastrophe

Pictured here: RIGHT – Harvard Lampoon ‘End of the World’ edition, published in 1969. LEFT – Biden climate czar lampoon, published in 2021.

Fox News:

As SAVAGE has pointed out many times: No scientist would give an exact number. ‘Nine years? Why not 8? Why not 10? Why not 9.576?’ Yet the Dems chant “follow the science, follow the science.”

‘There is no room for B.S. anymore. There’s no faking it on this one’ the climate czar said.

John Kerry, the White House’s special envoy on climate, warned Friday that the U.S. only has less than a decade left to avoid the worst of a climate catastrophe. 

“Around 2030 is the date at which we have to get the world now on the right path in order to cap the level of warming at that level of 1.5 [degrees celsius],” he said at a Munich Security Conference. 

“The scientists told us three years ago we had 12 years to avert the worst consequences of climate crisis. We are now three years gone, so we have nine years left,” Kerry later told CBS News.

“There is no room for B.S. anymore. There’s no faking it on this one,” the climate czar said. 

Kerry pointed to this week’s deadly snowstorms across much of the U.S. “Obviously we want to prevent this from becoming the new normal to the degree that we can,” he continued. 

Kerry noted that the popular belief is that climate change only relates to temperature increases, not decreases, but said in reality it threatens all weather patterns. 

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