Civiscience Survey – Do Americans Prefer Quarantine?

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Zero Hedge:

Last week we pointed out perhaps the most critical distinction as the US begins the long and arduous process of recovery from the coronavirus pandemic: that voluntary lockdowns are worse than official ones as they can’t be turned off by fiat, because as Rabobank’s Michael Every put it, “if people stay at home anyway, the economy will not recover as hoped.”

Adding to the complexity, in recent days we have observed that this distinction has increasingly fallen along party lines, with democratic states refusing to reopen or happy to wait (and in the case of California warning it may be shut for another 3 months), while mostly Republican states already pursuing a partial or full reopening.

This particular distinction was featured front and center in the latest CivicScience survey, which found that 69% of respondents would not resume all normal activities after states lift stay-at-home orders, while nearly a third of Americans, or 31%, would remain under quarantine even if local governments issued a notice to go back to normal day-to-day activities in order to prevent an economic collapse.

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