Civil Disobedience: WATCH Angry business owners RESIST Cuomo’s enforcement visit by Health Dept, Sheriff

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Orchard Park, N.Y. (WBEN)

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It was an angry atmosphere inside the Athletes Unleashed gym in Orchard Park Friday night as a group of concerned business owners and citizens were gathering to discuss the current COVID restrictions on certain businesses.

Tim Walton attended the meeting that began at around 7pm Friday and tells WBEN there were more than 100 people attending the meeting inside the gym.

In a press release and blog post, Walton says the Erie County Sheriff’s Department and Health Department entered the facility and confronted the gathering, telling them they were in violation of the limit to mass gatherings of no more than ten.

With cell phone cameras trained on a health department representative, the angry crowd resisted the interference, demanded a warrant and began to chant “get out, get out”. At one point during the video of the incident, the health department representative explains that the visit is not criminal in nature but rather a ‘code enforcement’ visit.

After several minutes of back and forth between those gathered, the health department and sheriff’s deputies left the gym and were followed to the parking lot by an angry crowd.

Erie County Health Department spokesperson Kara Kane said in a statement to WBEN Saturday, “We’re gathering information and will have more to say at our press conference on Monday.” WBEN has reached out to the Erie County Sheriff’s Department and is awaiting a response.

Watch as business owners calmly but firmly refused to comply, said “bring a warrant and arrest me”, then insisted that the invaders leave.

Video courtesy of RealTimWalton channel

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