Citing COVID Concerns, Judge Cancels All Evictions in St. Louis County—Even for Fentanyl Dealers Terrorizing Seniors

Michael Burton, Saint Louis County presiding judge of the 21st Judicial Circuit Court, has been implementing COVID precautions so severe that county sheriffs are being told not to evict people even if they’re drug-dealing criminals, endangering the lives of Saint Louis County residents, according to eviction attorney Matthew Chase of The Chase Law Firm, PC.

Chase told PJM that Judge Burton is abdicating his responsibility to the citizens of Saint Louis County in favor of keeping his sheriff’s officers “safe” from COVID. Strangely, though, the sheriffs are serving other notices like garnishments and summons’ but they are prohibited by Burton from attaching eviction orders to doors and carrying out executions.

“Judge Burton is acting in a lawless manner and has taken for himself the unlimited power of the COVID,” Chase said.

Chase represents a client who manages a small apartment building that was being terrorized by fentanyl dealers. The manager does not want to be identified but spoke to PJ Media and confirmed that fentanyl dealers were operating in his building on a floor with several senior citizens. One senior, in his late sixties or seventies, had been coerced into letting the dealers rent out a room in his apartment to dangerous strangers.

The management installed cameras to stop the activity but the “renters” started coming through the man’s window from the roof. The manager of the building felt that his senior citizen tenant was being intimidated and coerced by criminals. Chase filed for eviction on the manager’s behalf and received a judgment to evict the dealers from Associate Judge Julia Lasater on January 28, giving them five days to vacate the building.

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