Circus from hell forces tormented bears and monkeys to dance


DISTURBING footage has emerged showing bears and monkeys being forced to dance and do tricks in a vile North Korean circus.

Aussie Mark Woodman, 42, was taken to the circus in Pyongyang as part of a five-day tour of the country.

But to his horror, bears were paraded out and cruelly made to leapfrog their trainers, dance and twirl, and skip with a rope before bowing to the audience.

Monkeys were also subjected to the cruel treatment.

Mr Woodman said that nobody dared to complain or leave.

He said: “It was a series of classic circus acts performed by exceptionally talented and skilled performers — trapeze artists, juggling and balancing acts — interspersed with comic acts.

“The dancing bears were the only animal act.

“I was initially shocked and then fascinated, which made me film this act in particular. It was different to anything I’d seen.

“Although I’d heard that bears are still kept for performance in, perhaps, Central Asia and Russia, I never thought I would see it.

“All we could do was watch and absorb it. There’s no complaining or leaving.”

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