Cincinnati, Ohio: 6th grader ripped from class for pointing out gender-confused boy “Is a boy”

DC Dirty Laundry:

A Cincinnati, Ohio school district has claimed that it did not punish a sixth-grade boy when he was dragged from his classroom because he referred to a gender-confused boy as “a boy.”  However, Liberty Counsel was all too happy to defend the young boy and put the school district in their place.

In a redacted latter by Liberty Counsel’s Richard Mast on July 2, 2019, he wrote to the Superintendent to inform him of the “violations of student First Amendment free speech rights.”

In pointing out that the sixth-grader was being represented by Liberty Counsel, Mast said that the student had been punished on May 14, 2019 by the assistant principal of the school for “supposedly ‘misgendering’ another male student, and for sharing his opinion in response to multiple other students in conversation about cross-sex hormones and the removal of ‘male private parts’ of a male student who claims transgender status.”

The fact that sixth graders are even having to talk about this speaks volumes to just how far America and her indoctrination system has fallen.

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