Chuck Schumer, in screeching 180, now says schools must reopen: ‘Uh-oh, we did some internal polling’

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He may not have realized it but Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just agreed with what President Trump has been saying for some time.

The New York Democrat admitted out loud Friday that schools must reopen in order to help the U.S. economy recover, despite continued Democrat contentions that schools would have to remain closed due to fears over the coronavirus pandemic.

“Chuck Schumer agrees with President Trump that we should open schools!” the caption on the video post on Trump’s YouTube account read on Friday.

“If we don’t open up the schools, you’re going to hurt the economy significantly because lots of people can’t go to work,” Schumer said at a news conference Friday, emphasizing that a “strong testing, tracing and treatment regime” is necessary.

“Executive orders leave out schools altogether,” he added in his remarks criticizing a plan by the president to move forward with an executive order to provide relief to Americans.

“So what happened? Why the sudden 180?” former U.S. Representative for Utah, Jason Chaffetz asked a Fox News panel as he filled in as guest host on “Hannity” Friday. “Donald Trump’s been talking about this for months.”

“What he said actually was ‘Uh-oh, we did some internal polling and we found out that closing schools and tanking our economy is really not working well for the voters,’” Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy said of Democrats.

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