Chris-Chan repeatedly raped own mother: horrific audio confessions (update: arrested)

The far-left activist and comic book artist ‘Chris-Chan’ is viral again, but this time for raping 79-year-old with dementia.

Democratic Party activist and comic book artist Christian Weston Chandler, better known as Chris-Chan online, has made the Trending tab on Twitter. The lengthy saga surrounding the notorious influencer has taken a dark turn, as he is now accused of raping his own 79-year-old mother.

In leaked audio, Chris-Chan talks at length to an undercover operative about having repeated incestuous sexual relations with his elderly mother —  despite her objections.

“Barb and I just had another romp in the hay,” the activist wrote in what he believed were confidential text messages. “Also made another attempt at rubbing her vagina, externally at first, then slipping between the lips and rubbing the internal labia. Then she told me to stop.”

Internet users are especially disturbed by the material because Barbara Chandler suffers from dementia, an irreversible neurological condition that Chris-Chan appears to allege is improved by his regimen of sexual attention and meditation tracks.

“She has had memory problems at time beforehand, yes, but she is being better stimulated in her mind and soul, and it Really Shows! Her mental processing speed is even going back up,” Chris-Chan wrote after detailing meditation sessions and multiple sex acts committed on the victim.

Some speculate that Chris-Chan could be facing elder abuse charges as well as incest charges, but no official charges have been revealed so far according to KiwiFarms, the popular people encyclopedia for internet celebrities.

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