Chinese Warships Circle Japan, Provoking ‘Strong Concern’

Japan’s government said this week it spotted three Chinese warships “sailing an unusual route around the archipelago,” the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on Wednesday, noting that the sighting comes amid heightened tensions between Tokyo and Beijing over maritime territorial disputes.

“Japan’s defence ministry said two Chinese guided-missile destroyers and a supply ship had on Monday [June 20] sailed southwest through an area to the southeast of Chiba prefecture,” the Hong Kong-based SCMP relayed, citing an original report by Japan’s Kyodo News.

“They had reportedly entered the Sea of Japan from the Tsushima Strait, then headed into the Pacific Ocean via waters near Hokkaido last week. The warships then sailed through waters east of Miyagi county on Sunday [June 19] and appeared to be circumnavigating the Japanese archipelago,” according to the report.

China’s state-run Global Times confirmed on June 21 that China’s Navy deployed a fleet of warships to sail around the Japanese archipelago in recent days.


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