Chinese Students Perform ‘Red Loyalty Dance’ Dressed as Mao’s Murderous Red Guards

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Chinese high school students from the eastern province of Jiangxi dressed as the mass-murdering Red Guards of Communist Party founder Mao Zedong to perform a “Red Loyalty Dance” during a parade on Sunday.

The appalling display of reverence for one of history’s worst death squads was part of a parade held in the city of Shangrao to commemorate the annual “Two Sessions” legislative meeting in Beijing, as reported by Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Tuesday.

The dance of loyalty was accompanied by songs of praise for Comrade Lei Feng, a cobwebbed hero of the Communist takeover praised by Mao as the “model worker” and perfect soldier. The Chinese Communist Party has generated mountains of propaganda over the past half-century to valorize Lei, who supposedly died when a telephone pole fell on him in 1962, but might not have actually existed.