Chinese spies are reportedly listening to Trump’s phone calls


Intelligence reports indicate that Chinese spies are listening in on President Donald Trump’s phone calls on his iPhone, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

Officials told the Times that Beijing’s goal is to use the information they’ve gathered to help prevent a full-blown trade war between the U.S. and China.

The Times reported that through China’s espionage, the country has compiled a list of the president’s most important confidantes, which reportedly includes Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman and casino magnate Steve Wynn. Beijing plans to deliver its views on trade to Trump through these trusted contacts.

One official told the Times that China wants Trump to meet with President Xi Jinping as often as possible, in hopes that a strong personal relationship between the leaders will end the trade tensions between their countries.

The Times reported that Trump has three iPhones: two that have had their capabilities limited by the National Security Agency, and one that has not been altered at all. The newspaper reported that despite warnings from aides of the security vulnerabilities, the president refuses to give up his iPhones.

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