Chinese President Xi warns he may use ‘FORCE’ to retake Taiwan and slams US for interfering as he opens 20th Communist Party congress – where he will cement his place as the most powerful ruler since Mao

President Xi Jinping on Sunday kicked-off the 20th congress of China’s ruling Communist Party with warnings that he may use force to retake Taiwan as he slammed foreign interference in its reunification efforts. 

The comments came at the start of a week-long event where Xi is widely expected to win a third leadership term and cement his place as the country’s most powerful ruler since Mao Zedong.

The gathering of roughly 2,300 delegates from around the country began in the vast Great Hall of the People on the west side of Tiananmen Square amid tight security and under blue skies after several smoggy days in the Chinese capital.

Xi began a speech that touted the party’s safeguarding of national security, maintaining social stability, protecting people’s lives and taking control of the situation in Hong Kong, which was rocked by anti-government protests in 2019.

On Taiwan, Xi said, ‘We have resolutely waged a major struggle against separatism and interference, demonstrating our strong determination and ability to safeguard state sovereignty and territorial integrity and oppose Taiwan independence.’

The gathered delegates responded with loud applause as their president emphasized that China will ‘never commit to abandoning the use of force’ in its unification with Taiwan, which he called inevitable. 


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