Chinese Media: Joe Biden Pick for Trade Adviser Knows ‘Sweetness’ of Business with China


China’s state-run Global Times applauded Joe Biden on Tuesday for choosing Brian Deese, a BlackRock executive, to lead his National Economic Council because his work let him witness “the sweetness of doing business with China.”

Deese served as a senior economic adviser to President Barack Obama, where he served as one of the loudest voices promoting left-wing climate change economic policies, including the promotion of solar and other renewable energies. This work made him a key voice in America’s signing of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, since withdrawn under President Donald Trump, and in climate talks with China, the world’s worst polluter.

At BlackRock, Deese is currently tasked with pressuring client companies to adopt onerous environmental restrictions. BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, aggressively promotes investment in China and recently received permission to open a mutual-fund business in Shanghai.

The Global Times applauded Deese as a choice as well as his nominee to be Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve. The Times‘s Party-approved experts said they had “cautious optimism” about Biden’s future attitude towards China as president.

“[G]iven the known candidates as well as Biden’s style, the new team is unlikely to be chaotic and erratic in trade talks, though tensions will likely persist given their longstanding grievances over China, and intention to contain China’s rise,” the Global Times asserted. “They urged China to remain steady and consistent in its stance.”

One of the propaganda outlet’s “experts,” a “senior fellow” at a Chinese university, told the Global Times that Deese would “promote cooperation” with China because of his experiences at BlackRock.

Deese, he said, “represented the interests of large U.S. companies that ‘have tasted the sweetness of doing business with China,’” suggesting he had witnessed that alleged “sweetness” first-hand.

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