Chinese Mask Virus Symptoms to Thwart Border Entry Checks

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Chinese citizens are masking their flu-like symptoms to make it through airport checkpoints set up around the world to screen for the coronavirus, according to several reports on Thursday citing Chinese social media posts. The symptoms could be a sign that the individuals are carrying a newly identified coronavirus originating in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, which Chinese health officials identified this week and has killed 17 people so far. The South China Morning Post identified the case of one Wuhan woman who claimed to use medication to lower her temperature when traveling to France, then boasted of evading detection. “I had a fever and a cough before I left – I was so scared. I quickly took some medicine and checked my temperature,” the woman, later identified as Ms. Wan, posted along with a photo of herself and a friend. “Luckily the temperature was controlled and I had a smooth journey through the border.” The report about the woman did not say where in France she arrived and where she had subsequently traveled.


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