Chinese Installing ‘Gold Urinals’ in Cambodian Casinos as Beijing Boasts of ‘Roaring’ Economy

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The CCP propaganda regurgitated by Sihanoukville expatriates joins a recent chorus of Chinese braggadocio lauding its “roaring” economy despite the country’s recent international fallout.

In Sihanoukville, a Chinese-funded gambling enclave in Cambodia, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda has convinced expatriates that their investments in the local casino culture – on a double-hold amid recent Chinese coronavirus travel restrictions and an online gambling ban at the end of last year – will bounce back, Reuters revealed on Monday.

Chinese casino owner Kang Qiang feels so confident in Sihanoukville’s future beyond the pandemic that he told Reuters he proudly installed gold urinals in his casino recently as quirky harbingers of China’s economic resilience in the coming months.

Kang, along with other Chinese expatriate investors like him, is betting on the return of money from China to finish transforming Sihanoukville from a remote coastal town into an exclusive casino and beach resort.

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