Chinese Embassy in Ukraine releases evacuation guideline for Chinese nationals to leave Ukraine

The Chinese Embassy in Ukraine on Wednesday released specific evacuation guidelines for Chinese nationals who want to leave the country amid a grim security situation.

Since the security situation in Ukraine is still complex and grim with great uncertainties, the security of some Chinese compatriots who remain in Ukraine concerns the Party, the government and their families at home, and to ensure their safety and facilitate their timely evacuation, the embassy released the guidelines.

For organized evacuations, chartered buses will pick up people in three cities – Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv – from where evacuees will be transferred to third countries. This third destination will be decided on based on the security situation at the time, according to the guidelines.

Chinese nationals are recommended to return to China upon reaching a third country, either by taking commercial flights or charter flights. The registration for seats on charter flights is open for signing up, the embassy said.

As of press time on Thursday, 219 people had registered on the form the embassy sent out for organized evacuation, and another 62 people registered on the form for self-evacuation, according to a Global Times’ count of the registration on the embassy’s WeChat account.


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