Chinese Communist Party Hints Italy Could Be Origin of Wuhan Virus

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he Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has jumped on a medical study that suggested the Wuhan virus was present in Italy as early as September to hint that the European nation was the epicentre of the virus rather than China.

A study published in the Italian cancer medical paper, the Tumori Journal, claimed coronavirus antibodies were found in blood samples from cancer screenings carried out in September of last year in Italy, indicating that there may have been coronavirus contact earlier than first believed.

One of the experts involved in the study, Giovanni Apolone, at Milan’s National Cancer Institute, was clear in an interview with the Times of London that the study does not rule out China as the originator of the virus.

“We know that China delayed announcing its outbreak so there is no telling when it started there, and China has very strong commercial links with northern Italy,” Apolone said.

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