China Tells Japan to Get Used to ‘Routine’ Military Threats

China’s state-run Global Times on Wednesday suggested that a recent increase in Chinese naval activity near waters surrounding the Japanese archipelago will soon “become routine,” as Beijing ramps up its militaristic ambitions across the greater Pacific Ocean.

“The growing capabilities of the PLA [People’s Liberation Army] Navy will mean that such activities become routine,” the Global Times quoted Chinese military analysts as saying on July 6, including Song Zhongping, a Chinese “military expert and TV commentator.”

Continuing, the Chinese Communist Party-run newspaper explained why Beijing will likely continue to order naval patrols near Japan’s maritime territory despite repeated diplomatic protests by Tokyo:

Japan has been hyping PLA naval activities to raise rhetoric on the “China threat” theory, but it is Japan that has been repeatedly provoking China over Taiwan and other questions in the first place […].

Chinese warships’ activities are more than about deterring Japan, as China is aiming to build a blue-water navy that goes farther into distant waters for alert patrols, exercises and missions to safeguard China’s sovereignty, security and development interests, Song said, noting that Japan only feels it is special because of its location, as Chinese vessels that want to enter the Pacific Ocean need to make transits through these straits near Japan.

Japan’s Defense Ministry has documented at least 15 intrusions by Chinese naval or coast guard vessels into Japanese territorial waters so far this year, with the latest instance occurring on July 5.


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