China Struggles to Prevent Food Crisis as Drought Hits Heartland Farms

China’s central government on Monday was “ramping up” efforts to prevent an ongoing heatwave and drought from ruining much of the nation’s autumn grain harvest across China’s southern region, the Global Times reported, noting that the autumn grain harvest in jeopardy contributes 75 percent of China’s annual grain production on average.

China’s record-breaking heatwave began in mid-June and has since caused much of the country’s central and southern regions to experience drought conditions.

China’s ruling Communist Party recently ordered relevant departments to undertake the following actions in response to the weather crisis, the state-run Global Times reported on August 22:

For autumn grain irrigation, reservoirs in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River are involved to cope with the drought and water shortage, supplying 1.48 billion cubic meters of water downstream [.]

To ensure grain production, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs dispatched 25 working groups and 12 scientific and technological teams to help alleviate drought [.]

The meteorological departments are monitoring the growth of autumn grains and will arrange the nation’s high-performance aircraft at the right time to make it rain across different regions[.]

China’s central government has allocated roughly 300 million yuan ($44 million USD) toward drought and disaster relief in support of the initiatives so far, the propaganda outlet claimed.


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