China reportedly stole US military technology for its J-20 fighter jet

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China ​ripped off US military technology to build an advanced high-tech jet fighter, and experts warn that more must be done to protect American weapons information​ and keep Beijing from making such huge developmental leaps​ in the future, according to a report​ Thursday​.

“What we know is that because of the espionage efforts, [China’s] J-20 is more advanced than it otherwise would be, and that’s the important point here,” former Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy James Anderson ​told Fox News Digital in an interview.

“They have profited greatly from their thievery over the years,” ​Anderson said. “They’ve put it to good use, and they’ve come up with an advanced fifth-generation fighter​.”​

But he said it’s difficult to determine how the J-20 matches up against the US F-22 Raptor “short of actual combat.”​​