China Declares Victory at Xi-Biden Summit

Chinese state media portrayed Monday’s meeting between dictator Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden at the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, as an unreserved triumph for Xi.

According to these reports, Xi explained China’s priorities and perspectives on matters such as global trade and Taiwan, and Biden acquiesced to each one. The international community was supposedly reassured, the reports continued, by Biden’s acceptance of Xi’s leadership role, putting an end to years of the United States unfairly and unreasonably making trouble for Beijing.

China’s state-run Global Times described the meeting as Biden listening raptly while Xi “profoundly” laid out the mutual interests between the two world powers, taking the first step to repair a relationship abused by the United States:

Quite a few public opinions have noticed that the venue for this meeting is the Chinese delegation’s residence in Bali, and the hotel where the US delegation is staying is about 10 minutes’ drive away. Furthermore, this meeting was proposed by the US. In fact, it is not difficult to find that each time the continuous deterioration of China-US relations happens, it is due to the unilateral provocation by the US.

As the saying goes, “whoever starts the trouble should end it.” Only if the US takes the right attitude and practical actions can China-US relations return to the right track. During the meeting, US President Biden expanded the previous “Five Noes” commitment made by the US leadership (i.e. to not seek a new Cold War; to not seek to change China’s system; that the revitalization of its alliances won’t be against China; to not support “Taiwan independence”; to not look for conflict with China) and proposed that the US respects China’s system, and does not seek to change it; the US does not seek a new Cold War, does not seek to revitalize alliances against China, does not support “Taiwan independence,” does not support “two Chinas” or “one China, one Taiwan,” and has no intention to have a conflict with China; the US side has no intention to seek “decoupling” from China, to halt China’s economic development, or to contain China. 

We hope that the US can implement President Biden’s commitment instead of always saying one thing and doing another. This is both about sincerity and integrity.


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