China confirms new SARS-like virus HAS spread between humans as 14 medics catch the killer infection after treating patients

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The coronavirus has struck 222 people in Asia, most of whom have been in China

Authorities believed the source of the virus was animals at a seafood market

The majority of patients had worked or visited at one in the city of Wuhan, China

However, two patients in southern China have not visited Wuhan

There is now evidence that the virus is able to pass from person-to-person

China has confirmed the new SARS-like virus that has killed three people has spread between humans. The country’s National Health Commission team said 14 healthcare workers had caught the respiratory virus while treating patients. Two patients in southern China also caught the virus from infected family members, according to local media. They had not visited Wuhan city, where the outbreak is centred and where it was believed to have come from an animal source at a seafood market.