China Begins Quarantine as Deadly Coronavirus Spreads to 24 Provinces

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With over 550 infected across 24 provinces, authorities take measures to limit the spread of the virus before busy holiday travel begins.

As you read this, the world’s largest human migration is already beginning, as over 385 million Chinese prepare to leave major cities to visit their families in rural parts of the country to celebrate Chinese New Year. It’s a massive event, estimated to involve over 3 billion trips as part of a 40-day celebration lasting from January 10th to February 18th.

Across China & around the world, this year’s celebration will be marked by a cloud of uncertainty as a deadly new coronavirus originating in the city of Wuhan spreads rapidly across the region — and leads to concerns that travelers may spread the contagion across the globe as they return home. What’s being called the Wuhan Coronavirus in the media likely started in the Huanan wholesale seafood market, in the city of Wuhan, in Hubei province. The food market, which is now closed, was known for selling exotic live animals, including live foxes, crocodiles, wolf puppies, giant salamanders, snakes, rats, peacocks, porcupines, and camel meat, which authorities suspect may have contributed to the spread of the disease.


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