China: America’s ‘Predominant Culture of White Supremacy’ Poisoned Hong Kong

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The People’s Daily, a house organ of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), argued on Wednesday that America’s “predominant culture of white supremacy” has unleashed “turmoil” in Hong Kong and across the Middle East.

There is some grim amusement to be found in watching one of the world’s worst police states cherry-pick a statistic or two (following the lead of the American Left, of course) to argue that someone else is putting too many people in prison:

The epidemic of systemic racism and discrimination against people of color has long poisoned the US political atmosphere under the patronage of white supremacists and with their tacit connivance. They have perpetuated discriminatory laws and legitimized racial segregation by giving immunity to convicted police officers. An African American is far more likely to be arrested or killed by police than a white man in the United States. This rings terrifying alarm bells of a deep-seated hate.

“Racial discrimination and subjugation are the antithesis of all that humanity stands for,” the People’s Daily declared, a statement the Uyghur Muslims huddled in China’s brutal concentration camps would find interesting. According to the Uyghurs, one of the Chinese government’s routine practices is sending a Han Chinese man to live with Uyghur women and their children while the men are undergoing “re-education.”

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