Chimp beaten to death by first apes she’d met after being abandoned by mother and raised by humans

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The Sun

A CHIMP who was sent to a Kenyan sanctuary to learn how to live with apes after spending her whole life with humans has been beaten to death by fellow chimpanzees. Baran died aged four only months after she was transferred from Eram Park Zoo in the Iranian capital of Tehran to Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Laikipia, Kenya. Baran had completed a 90-day quarantine and was in the second phase of her introduction to the sanctuary. The tragic chimp managed to break the lock on her area before entering an area housing a chimpanzee family she had been introduced to remotely. The other chimpanzees then mauled the four-year-old, leaving her badly injured. Zookeepers managed to end the violence but were unable to save Baran who later died from her injuries. Baran was moved to Kenya in the summer because it was deemed unhealthy for her to continue to live isolated from other chimpanzees. She was raised by humans after her mum rejected her because she was born prematurely and so more difficult to care for. Because of this vets took her from her mother and slowly nursed her to strength to the point where they felt she could be returned to her parents.

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