CHILLING LYRICS – Waukesha parade suspect Darrell Brooks wrote anti-Trump rap and declared ‘f*** the pigs’ before rampage

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The US Sun:

THE suspect in the Christmas parade rampage that killed five revelers wrote an anti-Donald Trump rap and declared “f*** the pigs”, according to songs posted online.

Aspiring rapper Darrell Brooks, 39, who performs under the name MathBoi Fly, also shared songs about killing on his YouTube channel and SoundCloud pages.

Brooks is facing five charges of intentional homicide, Waukesha’s police chief confirmed on Monday.

One of his songs includes the lyrics: “They gonna need a cleaner for the s*** we did, all my killers Gacey where them bodies hid.”

Another song from his SoundCloud page says: “Sliding through the city with no safety on.”

Other lyrics include “f*** Donald Trump” and “f*** the pigs.”

He also posted a video on one of his Twitter accounts ranting about a speech made by then-President Barack Obama, which he called “a crock of b******.”

And he raps about AK-47s, lyrics show, with a playlist on his now removed YouTube channel including the song Gon Kill U.

It was also reported that Brooks posted on social media after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of murder over the death of three people in Kenosha, Wisconsin last summer.

Rittenhouse broke down in tears on Friday as he was cleared of five criminal charges after a dramatic trial.

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Brooks posted that he was “not surprised” by the outcome of the case though police have so far not said if the rampage had anything to do with the verdict.

In one of his music videos the rapper also uses an SUV that appears to the one that mowed down people in Waukesha.

Brooks had fled a domestic dispute moments before the horror crash and had been bailed just days before the frenzied attack, police said on Monday.

That came after court documents obtained by The Sun revealed Brooks was accused of running over the mother of his child in early November before making bail.

Additional court records show Brooks was facing a number of criminal charges in the run up the rampage.

In one case, filed November 5, he was charged with resisting or obstructing an officer, reckless homicide, disorderly conduct, bail jumping and battery.

He was ordered to not have any contact with a female victim and records show $1,000 bond was posted on Friday.

In another case, filed in July 2020, Brooks is charged with reckless endangering and illegal possession of a firearm.

That came after a fight with his nephew in which his relative said Brooks “walked into the front yard with a gun and fired one shot at them,” The Daily Beast reports.

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