“Children belong at drag shows!!!!”: Video of drag queen performing with little girl horrifies viewers

A video depicting a drag queen clad only in spangled panties and a body harness leading a young girl adorned in a tiara around a bar has elicited outrage and demands for legal action from viewers after the clip went viral over the weekend.

These people belong in jail,” conservative pundit Lauren Chen tweeted on Saturday in response to the video, adding that the issue was a “hill [she was] willing to die on.”

The footage shows the unnamed performer strutting around Miami’s R House Wynwood restaurant, G-string stuffed with cash and enormous breasts bared, hand-in-hand with the child – who was apparently also deputized to collect cash tips from patrons. 

It was posted to TikTok by user @nononoie, who captioned it “children belong at drag shows!!!! children deserve to see fun & expression & freedom.” The user has since locked the account, according to the Daily Mail.

Numerous other commenters piled on the video after Chen drew attention to it, demanding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “prove [his] worth” and “make sure this person gets arrested and the venue is shuttered.” 


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