Chick-fil-A apologizes for employee’s social media post

Johnstonian News:

Smithfield’s Chick-fil-A is apologizing after an employee shared a social media post the restaurant called “hurtful, ignorant and wrong.”

Amid protests over the death of a black man in police custody in Minnesota, the post suggested that police stop rioters by spraying them with sewage.

The restaurant did not name the employee, but it would appear to be the wife of Smithfield franchise owner Keith Dimsdale. Late on Monday, Angie Dimsdale, the restaurant’s director of customer care, apologized for sharing a post on a personal social media account.

“I now know that was a mistake,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “Since posting it, I have seen the hurt, anger and embarrassment it has caused.”

What was the post? A picture of herself wearing a “Back the Blue” shirt.

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