Chicago Teachers Union leader blasted for pushing to keep schools closed because classrooms are ‘unsafe’ … while she vacations in Puerto Rico

The Daily Mail:

  • Chicago Teacher’s Union leader Sarah Chambers has been claiming it is ‘unsafe’ for teachers to return to schools for in-person lessons
  • Members of the Union are threatening to strike if they are forced back into the classroom next Monday, January 4
  • Chambers has been encouraging the pushback from Puerto Rico, where she is currently taking a vacation
  • News of her tropical getaway has angered people on social media who are calling her a ‘hypocrite’ for traveling overseas but saying schools are not safe  

A Chicago Teacher’s Union leader is under fire for pushing for remote schooling as she vacations in the Caribbean. 

Sarah Chambers, who is on the CTU’s executive board and serves as an area vice president, has been claiming it is not safe for Chicago public schools to reopen next Monday amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But that hasn’t stopped her from jetting off on holiday to Puerto Rico – an island that has clocked more than 110,000 cases of the coronavirus

Chambers reportedly took to Instagram on Thursday to share a snap that showed her reclining poolside, accompanied by a caption which read: ‘We have the whole pool to ourselves. Then, we are going to old San Juan to get some yummy seafood mofongo.’

However, the educator has doubled down on Twitter:, writing ‘I got 4 covid tests (2 rapid, 2 PCR) b4 coming here & wore 2 masks (N95). Scientists said airplanes are safer than grocery stores bc airplanes have ICU level filtration & everyone wears masks. ‘

She added: ‘My doc said it’s extremely unlikely for me to get Covid again since I had it so badly.’

However, the CDC states that Americans should ‘avoid all travel to Puerto Rico’ due to the island’s ‘very high levels of COVID’.  

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