Chicago locals fight off protesters and shut down BLM rally to prevent looting

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New York Post:

Chicago residents infuriated by looters blighting the city are fighting back — angrily kicking out a Black Lives Matter protest.

As access was again blocked to downtown overnight to stop more marauding — with bridges raised and expressway ramps closed — protesters turned to the troubled South Side neighborhood where a man allegedly started a shootout with cops in an arrest that sparked the chaos.

But the Englewood locals pushed back, insisting the agitators are nothing to do with the area — and kicking out the protesters from BLM and groups campaigning to defund the police, according to Fox 32.

“If you ain’t from Englewood, get the f–k out of here,” longtime local resident Darryl Smith shouted at protesters during tense confrontations.

“Y’all don’t come out when a kid gets shot. Y’all come out when it’s got something to do with the f—ing police,” he yelled through a loudspeaker, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.


The rally made its way to the police station for the officers involved in Sunday’s shootout with Latrell Allen — but again was quickly dispersed after angry pushback by locals who said the looting was nothing to do with the neighborhood.

“None of these motherf—ers are gonna be here tomorrow. That’s why I got a problem,” lifelong Englewood resident Duane Kidd, 42, told the Sun-Times.

“If they would’ve gotten something incited with the police, who’s gotta deal with it tomorrow? The community. Not them.

“They’ll be somewhere sipping sangria somewhere. I’m telling you like it is.”

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