Chauvin appeal – Juror participated in BLM March, wore ‘Get your knee off our neck’ T-shirt

Minneapolis Star Tribune:

The matter is likely to be cited by Nelson as one of many bases for an appeal, said a law professor and defense attorney.

Brandon Mitchell, a juror in the trial of former Minneapolis, Minnesota, police officer Derek Chauvin, apparently wore a George Floyd-themed T-shirt at least twice, despite public denials (Breitbart)

Chauvin juror Brandon Mitchell has said he doesn’t remember wearing or even owning a George Floyd-themed T-shirt, but it turns out he sported it more than once.

He wore the shirt, which says “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks/BLM,” during an Oct. 19 episode of “The Wholesome Podcast,” a dating-and-relationships show that he co-hosts, as shown on YouTube and flagged Wednesday on social media.

In recent days, a photo of Brandon Mitchell that was originally posted on social media around the Aug. 28 event commemorating Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech began circulating online and on multiple news sites. Many commentators online questioned his motive and its potential to fuel an appeal in Chauvin’s case.

Mitchell, who is Black, was one of 12 jurors who convicted Chauvin two weeks ago on all counts against him — second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter — in the May 25 killing of George Floyd, who is also Black. Mitchell was the first juror to go public about his role, and spoke to several media outlets last week.

“I’d never been to [Washington] D.C.,” Mitchell said Monday of his reasons for attending the event. “The opportunity to go to D.C., the opportunity to be around thousands and thousands of Black people; I just thought it was a good opportunity to be a part of something.”

Chauvin’s attorney, Eric Nelson, did not return a message seeking comment. Mitchell’s appearance at the rally was first reported by the International Business Times, an online publication.

The matter is likely to be cited by Nelson as one of many bases for an appeal, said a law professor and defense attorney.

“If [Mitchell] specifically was asked, ‘Have you ever participated in a Black Lives Matter demonstration,’ and he answered, ‘No,’ to that, I think that would be an important appealable issue,” said Joseph Daly, emeritus professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law.

The picture shows Mitchell, 31, standing next to two cousins in Washington, D.C. He is wearing a Black T-shirt with a picture of King surrounded by the words, “GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECKS” and “BLM” (Black Lives Matter). Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds.

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