Sunday Morning – Chase Bank says missing money in bank accounts was ‘technical issue’

PIX11 – New York:

NEW YORK — A spokesperson for JPMorgan Chase says a technical issue is to blame after customers woke up Sunday morning to find hundreds or thousands of dollars missing from their accounts.

Reports of money either debited from or credited to individual and business accounts popped up on Twitter Sunday morning, causing the hashtag #chasebank to trend.

“WHERE IS OUR MONEY #chasebank @Chase? My wife wakes me up at 6:30 in the morning to tell me this is trending and I find our bank account is drained! Tell us what is going on right now. From last night to tonight, our account is drained. And your customer service is closed,” one man tweeted.

Another Twitter user posted a screenshot of his business account, with his banking information redacted, purportedly showing over $100,000 missing.

Chase Bank was made aware of the issues with customers’ account balances.

The bank said that a “technical issue overnight delayed updates to our checking accounts.”

Chase said that the issue has been resolved and as of 9 a.m. Sunday, all accounts should show the correct balances.

The message many received:

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