Charles Hurt: Democrat Nightmare: They Went to Bed with Obama, Woke Up with Biden


On Wednesday, President Biden traveled to Scranton, Pennsylvania, to sell his doomed “human infrastructure” bill, which smells more like an un-showered Green New Deal and quacks like another welfare boondoggle.

“The cost of the Build Back Better bill in terms of adding to the deficit is zero, zero, zero,” he lied, lied, lied. “Because we’re going to pay for it all.”

Well, yes, you better believe we are going to pay for it. Just not in the way Mr. Biden claims. This bill is “paid for” — just like every other dime of the $28 trillion in debt these dirty louts have racked up in your name over the past several decades.

While in Scranton, Mr. Biden ambled down memory lane. And ambled and ambled and ambled.

Old stuttering nicknames. Family lore. Uncles in the kitchen. Grandmas and laced doilies at the dining room table. All fairly incomprehensible. He did manage to invoke just about every person in his family whoever died — just because that is what Joe Biden does when his chips are down.

And he talked about how much he loves the federal government’s disastrous and irrelevant Amtrak rail system. Again, not exactly what you would call “confidence-inspiring” if you are trying to sell a federal “infrastructure” bill.

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