Charles Hurt: As Biden Proclaims ‘Strategic Patience,’ China Is on the March

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President Biden has been part of the problem in Washington for a half-century. Yet, apparently, he just discovered China.

“We want to approach this with some strategic patience,” White House flak Jen Psaki cautiously explained this week when asked about the president’s approach to the world’s most populous country whose communist government is hellbent on destroying America.

“Strategic patience” is diplo-speak for “do nothing,” “ignore problem” and “pretend does not exist and hope goes away.”

“Strategic patience” is usually followed by “need to learn to speak Chinese!”

In the White House press briefing room, Ms. Psaki went on to say that Mr. Biden needs to “conduct reviews internally, through our interagency …” she trailed off. Then she apologized for not drinking enough coffee that might have helped her more enthusiastically convey Mr. Biden’s sleepy strategy of “strategic patience.”

“I stumbled over that,” she admitted. “I needed a little more coffee before I came out here, I guess.”




This is going to be a long four years.

You thought keeping up with the frenzied pace of President Trump was tough. Just imagine how hard it is going to be to shift the engines down slow enough to stick with Mr. Biden.

Pilots call it “engine stall.” How do you say that in Chinese? Also, can someone please translate “Sleepy Joe” into Mandarin?

But Ms. Psaki plugged on. (That is not, by the way, a pun on Mr. Biden’s hairstyle.)

“We want to engage more with Republicans and Democrats in Congress to discuss the path forward,” she said. “And, most importantly, we want to discuss this with our allies.”

What? This just keeps getting more and more bewildering.

So, Mr. Biden’s strategy is to do nothing, ignore the problem, drink more coffee, talk to Congress and “most importantly” let other countries set our foreign policy for us.

Oh, my. This is even dumber than we thought.

And here is the problem. While Mr. Biden and Ms. Psaki and America enter this new period of “strategic” hibernation, China is on the march.

This is nothing new. They have been on the march pretty much the entire time Mr. Biden has been part of the problem in Washington.

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