Changing Markets Foundation slams greenwashing tactics over krill oil fishing, urging a moratorium  

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A damning report by the Changing Markets Foundation is accusing the krill oil industry of greenwashing consumers and using marketing techniques to cover up the ecological impact of their operations. According to the authors, krill harvesting in the Antarctic may accelerate the effects of climate change in the region and around the globe. The report points to krill oil and meal giant Aker BioMarine, as well as Cermaq, BioMar and Skettring. NutritionInsight speaks to Pål Skogrand, VP, policy and impact, Aker BioMarine, and Sophie Nodzenski, senior campaigner, Changing Markets Foundation, about the report’s findings and assertions. The remaining companies were unable to comment in time for publication.

Problematic narrative?

The report, Krill baby krill: The corporations profiting from plundering Antarctica, slams Aker Biomarine for “prominently displaying the so-called ‘Eco-Harvesting’ label” on products investigated for the publication. “This small green label ‘certifies’ that the krill was caught using the Aker BioMarine ‘eco-harvesting method’, which is a fishing method developed and patented by Aker BioMarine that allows fish to be caught continuously without needing to retrieve the nets. The promotional video on the website informs the viewer that this method prevents bycatch.” Nonetheless, the report cites a Reuters article revealing Aker BioMarine entangled four humpback whales, including three juveniles, during its 2021/22 fishing season.

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