CBS CEO Responds to Low Morale After Staffers Lament Toxic Working Conditions


CBS is reportedly addressing complaints from employees about toxic working conditions, with some pointing the finger at recently installed CBS News chief Neeraj Khemlan.

Network boss George Cheeks recently sent off a written memo and video message to staff members, pledging to focus more on employee wellbeing, according to a report in the New York Post.

“We need to set a goal [of avoiding] sending emails, texts or otherwise engaging on routine matters after hours or over the weekend,” Cheeks reportedly said.

He also said he was advising managers to schedule “no-meeting” days in response to employees complaining that they were often forced to work outside normal business hours and on weekends, and were denied the opportunity to “unplug.”

Cheeks’ memo was followed up by a memo from Khemlani and his CBS News co-president Wendy McMahon, who said the“well-being of every CBS employee is a top priority.”


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