CBP Moving Border Agents to Northern Frontier as Mexicans Fly to Canada to Illegally Enter US

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has dispatched 25 more agents to a sector of the Canadian border that’s seeing a large increase in Mexican migrants using the northern frontier to do an end run that bypasses the southern border.

Some if not all of these agents are being temporarily reassigned from the Mexico border, NBC News reports, citing a source familiar with the resource shift. “The deployed team will serve as a force multiplier in the region and assist to deter and disrupt human smuggling activities,” a CPB spokesperson said.

An increasing number of illegal immigrants — mostly Mexicans — are buying one-way commercial plane tickets to Montreal or Toronto and then crossing the U.S. border. The odds of being rejected by agents on the northern frontier is lower than down south, reports NBC:

“On a per capita basis, the Border Patrol invokes Title 42 to block migrants from claiming asylum less frequently at the northern border than at the southern border.”