‘Catch and Release’ makes a comeback


Reports: Biden’s Deputies Reopen ‘Catch and Release’ for Migrant Families

President Joe Biden’s border deputies are releasing migrant women and children into the United States, according to BorderReport.com.

Most of the catch-and-release migrants are likely heading north to meet their husbands and fathers who have already traveled into the United States to take jobs and wages from blue-collar Americans during a deep recession that has largely exempted white-collar workers. Many of the American blue-collars who lose jobs and wages to the extra supply of foreign labor voted for Biden in 2020.

BorderReports.com reported February 3:

McAllen Mayor Jim Darling on Tuesday told Border Report that city officials met with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, who told them last week that family units — undocumented migrants traveling with children who cross into South Texas — are now being paroled into the United States as they await their asylum proceedings. This is what occurred during previous border security apprehensions known as “catch and release,” when migrants were allowed to remain in the United States during their immigration proceedings however many years that may take.

Team Brownsville, a group that helps migrants move north, reported on its Facebook page.

There’s nothing that escapes people’s notice in the {Mexican migrant] camp in this time of connectivity, and they already know that CBP is releasing some families at our Brownsville bus station. We don’t know the specifics of why there is an increase in people leaving CBP custody to travel to their sponsors, but we have received about 50 people a day at our bus station for the past several days.

The relaunch of catch-and-release comes as Biden and his university-credentialled progressive deputies impose a “family unification” priority on the nation’s immigration laws, which were originally created to preserve Americans’ civil right to a national labor market.

The Biden priority exploits the asylum laws that were intended to help a small number of foreign people into the United States claim asylum.

Under President Barack Obama, the asylum inflow was expanded to allow people with little evidence or with claims unrelated to government persecution. The rising inflow caused massive delays in court processing, so prompting agencies to release many migrants to the U.S. labor market years before their asylum claims could be heard. In turn, the catch and release process allowed many migrants to finance their trip to the United States with home-country mortgages on farms and homes while being confident they could repay the loan with dollars earned in U.S. jobs.

President Donald Trump told his deputies to end the catch and release process, causing a sudden crash in migration numbers by early 2020.

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