Carney: Don’t Fall For The Ludicrous Saule Omarova Cover-Up, She Is Too Dangerous To Confirm

When President Joe Biden appointed Saule Omarova to the Office of Comptroller of the Currency, it was not hard to discover that the Cornell academic held positions that were far from the American mainstream and would reset the U.S. economy under a command-and-control model.

That’s because the evidence has all been published, quite recently, in academic journals or appeared in videos accessible on YouTube. She has argued for the abolition of private sector banking, has urged said that all corporate charters should be conditioned on pledges to serve bureaucrat approved purposes, and said that the bankruptcy of oil and gas companies would be welcomed.

Yet New York Magazine this week launched a cover-up of her views this week, calling criticisms “ludicrous red-baiting.” The puff-piece allows Omarova to mischaracterize her own views, quotes no critics, and even more tellingly does not quote from her own paper.

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