Caravan not viewed nicely by people who actually know Honduras


When the dust settles on the Honduran migrant caravan and the analyses are out, one of the things that will take the biggest beating is the soggy sob-story manipulative press coverage for what is clearly a complex issue. Yes, dishonest press coverage should take the cake. Why report facts objectively when it’s so much easier to tug on the heartstrings and portray the migrants as just moms with toddlers, all fleeing violence and just looking for a better life? And with news organizations employing virtually no foreign correspondents these days, who’s going to find out? Just follow the lefty narrative about the migrants, everyone, and let us Get Trump. Right?  Wrong. This is also the era of first-person reporting and Internet instant transmission, so a little bit of the reality is getting out, and it’s not pretty for the caravan. I have read several accounts from people who actually know Honduras and what is going on with the migrant caravan, and it’s not what the press is saying.