‘Canadians need not apply’ – US Border Patrol tells Canadians that COVID vaccine appointment is not a valid reason for entry

The Post Millennial:

Shaun Horton, an airline pilot from Ontario, attempted to cross the border near Niagara Falls with a vaccine appointment in a nearby American community and a referral from a Canadian doctor; he was turned away.

As Canada lags behind the United States in vaccination rates, the US Border Patrol says that Canadians seeking to drive across the border for the sole purpose of getting vaccinated will be turned away. Local politicians in frontier regions like Windsor have previously speculated about allowing Canadians to enter the US to receive excess vaccine doses.

“The officer advised that entry solely for the COVID-19 vaccine is not an acceptable purpose as Canada has access to a vaccine, regardless of the supply issues,” Horton told the Canadian Press.

This revelation by US Border Patrol comes after the Federal government announced that Canadians could drive to the United States for the COVID-19 vaccine and not be subject to the Quarantine Act. The Quarantine Act has an exception for necessary medical services obtained abroad. The Canada Public Health Agency says the COVID vaccine falls under that category.

To take advantage of the except, Canadians must have a note from a Canadian physician that says vaccination is medically necessary, an appointment with a licensed US vaccine provider and written proof of receiving the vaccine. Canadians would have to travel to their appointment and back without stopping, according to health officials.

David Musyj, head of Windsor Regional Hospital in Windsor, Ontario, says there have been chases where border officers have allowed travellers to enter the country for the vaccine. “That is why this is so political and needs some clarity and leadership,” Musyj said.

But if you go down to the southern border, all you’ll have to do is walk across!

“We will keep trying to get vaccines into Canada.”

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