California police warn public not to ‘attack’ sexual predator with full face tattoo named Pirate

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Northern California cops are urging residents to leave a sexual predator whose legal name is Pirate alone — and treat the face-tattooed ex-con “like every other man you see on the street.” Born Daniel Selovich, Pirate has a lengthy rap sheet that includes charges for rape and assault across several states, news station KRCR-TV reported. But the 41-year-old is now living free in Redding, Calif., after most recently serving time last year for a sexual assault. “Don’t try to grab him or attack him if you see Pirate out and about,” Redding Police Department Sgt. Todd Cogle told the outlet. “I live here and I have loved ones here as well. I know it’s worrying to know that he is on the streets but he is a free man. You have to treat him like every other man you see on


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