California man reveals he had Covid & monkeypox at the SAME TIME with symptoms leaving him in bed over ‘weeks of misery’

A California man has revealed he had Covid and monkeypox at the same time – and his symptoms left him in bed during “weeks of misery.”

Mitcho Thompson, of Northern California, recently tested positive for Covid-19 and monkeypox at the same time, according to NBC Bay Area.The Sebastopol man said he started noticing red wounds across his body shortly after testing positive for Covid.

He spoke with NBC Bay Area earlier this week, explaining how he discovered lesions on his body on his legs, arms, back, and neck – and that was when he realized he might have monkeypox.

“The doctor was very certain that I have monkeypox and that I had both,” he told the news outlet.

“That was the question. Could I get them at the same time? And he said, ‘Yes, yes, yes.'”


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