California homeowners hit with $20K bill to clean up homeless camp

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Washington Examiner

Homeowners in Northern California were charged for the cost of clearing a homeless camp after Alameda County revealed that the mess had crossed onto their property lines. Walsh Property Management, which oversees the homeowners association near the homeless camp in Lakewood, a small subdivision of 75 houses in Castro Valley, was forced to charge each homeowner in the association $300 to cover the bill for the cleanup of trash and waste from a former homeless camp. The camp had been reported to Alameda County in October 2017. The government cleared out the encampment but notified the residents in August 2019 that they would be responsible for the expense because part of the camp was on Walsh’s property line. “There are no fences and such that would mark where the property line ended, so we were kind of hoping that it was someone else’s responsibility,” Ed Walsh, the owner of Walsh Property Management told KPIX. “Unfortunately, this one happened to be on the association’s property.”