California Gas Prices Soar to Record High at $4.72 per Gallon and May Increase

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Californians saw gas prices soar to $4.72 a gallon Wednesday even as President Joe Biden vowed to keep working to cut the price of gasoline.

Experts claim $5 a gallon could be the normal price for the state in the near future, CNN Business reported Wednesday.

“This isn’t just an issue for West Coasters: Some of the factors behind the record prices, particularly those related to the switch to renewable fuels, could affect US gas costs nationally in the next few years,” the article continued.

The article explained other reasons for the surge in gas prices:

The US national average is currently $3.51 a gallon. Prices in California have long been among the highest, but they’ve soared in recent years in part because of changes at some West Coast refineries. Facilities have closed in some cases, while others are being modified to refine renewable fuels like diesel made from vegetable oil.

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